Azienda benessere
What seems an idealist slogan is fact a rational idea.
Welcome to Vittoria's world, which blends attention with experience,evolves and grows but does not damage. It is a world made of passion for what we do, and respect for people and their environment. It is a world where our objective has always been to provide the best quality at an accessible price.

Our projects are derived from the firm belief that a good product must not only have top quality standards, but also be accessible to the majority of people. By rationalizing our manufacturing systems we reduce waste and guarantee reasonable end costs; this approach is in line with a correct sustainability policy.
The ensuing quality concerns our products, our environment and hence all of us.
A controlled manufacturing cycle, from the raw materials to the suppliers, from the project to the finished products, ensures thet quality is always synonymous with moderate prices.

Made in Italy
All Vittoria products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy with the distinguishing care, attention and difference that characterize hand-crafted products.

Rational production
Through a strategic manufacturing plan we can improve the quality of our products and drastically reduce noxious emissions in the environment.

Selected materials
Every single material that we use for our furniture undergoes the most stringent technical and quality tests compliant with European UNI norms, ensuring that accidents are prevented and that our health is safeguarded.

Selected suppliers
All semi-finished products are supplied by selected Italian suppliers which abide by our own ethical and environmental standards.

Periodical inspection
of the entire technical-manufacturing supply chain.

Zero defect
Our skilled workers and a thorough design of packaging materials ensure that our products are delivered with nearly zero defects.

Ethical thinking
Our working philosophy and the ethical devices in our products come out of environment love and people respect. This line of conduct incite us to improve the working conditions, also promoting concrete and symbolic actions as the sponsorship of the International Handicap walking-race "Circuito Città di Oderzo", since the first edition 1996.